For Teams and events

Providing hundreds of amazing headshots at your event or company has never been so easy. Choose which features you need for the ultimate headshot experience! Start with the base feature set and then add as many features or bundles as you’d like. Create a tailored headshot experience that makes you and each participant look great!

Base Service

● Mobile studio with professional photography team

● 2 business-day delivery of images

● Group gallery delivery (all headshots delivered in one password protected online gallery to organizer and participants)

● Unlimited headshot sessions

● Quick hair and lint touch-ups

The HR Bundle

Including our top requested features from HR departments.

Online Scheduling

Use our easy online scheduling system for participants to choose and manage their own headshot appointment time-slot. You won’t have to deal with managing countless appointments and your staff won’t need to stand in long lines for their their new headshots.

File Renaming

Don’t spend countless hours trying to figure out who is in each headshot. We will rename each image file with the first and last name of each participant so you don’t have to.

The Branding Bundle

Including our top requested features from event producers.

Instant Delivery of Images

Each participant receives an email instantly with their headshot image files using our Sharing Kiosks. Your custom message, website and social medial links, and branding is throughout the email.

Branded Live Slideshow

A live slideshow of the best headshots including your branding and ads displayed on a 43” HD TV. Ads can be still images or short video files.

Contact list

You will receive a copy of all the participant’s email addresses at the end of the event.


File Renaming

Custom file renaming makes file management simple. Each headshot will be renamed to match the participant’s name.

Enter a Heading

This is a paragraph. Click edit and enter your own text. You can make changes like making the text bold, underline or italic. This is a great place for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.

Instant Digital Image Delivery Stations

Upgrade to onsite basic editing and instant image delivery from our digital image sharing kiosks. Participants have their headshots taken and receive the digital images instantly by email. Price is per photoshoot/day. Reliable internet connection to be provided by client

Double Backdrop Upgrade

Add a second backdrop colour to your headshot experience and give participants TWO looks to enjoy. For example, choose a light backdrop and a dark backdrop to offer variety. Each participant will receive professional headshots on both colours.

Hair and Makeup Touch-ups

An enhancement to the standard lint removal and hair touch-ups, our hair and makeup artist will apply blush, de-shine powder, lip gloss, a brush-out, curl and light teasing as necessary. These 5-minute makeovers make a huge difference

Retouching&Full Size Image

Take your headshot to the next level with our retouching service. Includes one high-resolution, retouched headshot image. Retouching includes skin blemishes, stray hairs, softening wrinkles, and lint removal. Retouched images are delivered in full-resoultion.

Plan The details

When you first contact us we will check availability and offer a complementary 2-day hold on your date. Using the details you provide, we will then send you a booking package.

The booking process is simple. We will email you a quote, contract, and invoice to review and approve. A 50% retainer is required to reserve your date. This can all be done online by credit card for your convenience.

Once your date is reserved we will email you an online questionnaire to get all the logistical details recorded, like setup and strike down times, preferred styles, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is needed per person?

Our team takes around two minutes per person depending on which features you select. Throughout the day, we will plan for short breaks, but during operating times two minutes is a quick but realistic requirement. If your crowds aren’t as big we would be happy to spend more time with each participant. If you know you’re adding the retouching service for participants, please add an extra 1-2 minutes per person for the image selection process.

How much room is needed for setup?

Our minimum space requirements are typically 15’ x 15’ with a ceiling of at least 9’. You will also need room for a line of people and any queue management (ie. stanchions) if required. If your space has a different layout, just let us know in advance, and we will do our best to adapt. If your package includes Instant Delivery or File Renaming we will need a reliable internet connection in the venue. All packages require a standard power outlet within 15 feet of our setup.

How big are the images?

We deliver un-retouched images at 2048 px on the long edge of the photo which is perfect for use online and in business cards. If you need larger versions, we include the full-sized resolution when retouching is ordered. Full size is typically 4ooopx5000px long.

Is retouching required?

We use a flattering studio light to capture stunning headshots of each participant. If the headshots will only be used on LinkedIn, then you may not get the full benefits of retouching as the image size on LinkedIn is so small, If you want a polished image for use in print, website, or larger social media sizes, our professional retouching is recommended. Purchase retouching bundles for large groups ahead of time, or allow participants to choose this option on their own after the photo shoot. Special pricing is available for large retouching requests.

What is the best method to deliver the headshots?

The base package includes a group gallery of all the headshots in one single online gallery that will be sent to each participant, This may be fine for internal groups, but if you would prefer that each participant receive their own photos by email, make sure to add either the Branding Bundle or specifically the Instant Digital Image Delivery Stations (included in the Branding Bundle). This way, participants will select and email their own photos without being sent to a group gallery two days later. Even though headshots are typically used for very public reasons, some participants might prefer not having their headshots in a group gallery with people they don’t know.